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Probably I was a rabbit in a former life. Because I love carrots. They must be raw. Carrots are rooted, hiding their beauty in colour and shape, at the same time waving their flourishing green haulm. I need to be rooted or rather keep my feet on the ground. In my professional work (as an actor) I ofttimes start from the shoes and what they do to my character. It is very much feet-on (haha). BUT now in the digital age my carrots are uprooted unexpectedly, they have to be eaten immediately, otherwise they will dry and die. It is like always being in a hurry, trying to catch up. I find myself in the middle of a website, surrounded by fast moving tools. This picture is blurry – which is comforting. (According to Doug Belshaw in his TEDx-talk on digital literacies, we ought to develop them progressively, not sequentially.)

I was a late digital starter, during twenty years I have developed more off-line than online-skills. E-mail and fb – yes, but no Instagram (other than now and then watching the uploads of others) or Twitter (I AM a fossil!) As a teacher I use pedagogical online platforms. As a producer I handle a website. So probably I am an accidental resident… 


En reaktion till “Roots…

  1. I think there are new skills coming along with digital media: be prepared to lifelong learning. It doesn’t matter where you stand in your learning path, it is important in my opinion that you accept learning. It is the same for everyone. I started mid nineties with my digital self, but I am still learning. To me it is interesting. When you can connect it with your very own work and the topics you work on, it can be super interesting.



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